Welcome to Praxis - the dental clinic centrally situated in Vedbæk

Our aim is to ensure 'healthy teeth - all through life'...
to our patients, costumers and employees. We focus on long term sustainable, aesthetic, functional and healthy treatment of your teeth.
Our core competencies are within....
-Profylaxis, diagnosis and planning of dental treatment
-Aesthetic dental treatment
-Advanced dental crowns and bridges
-Treatment of Parodontitis
For acute matters....
in case of e.g. post surgery bleedings, smaller traumas, pain, etc, please contact PRAXIS for immediate consultation. If out of normal opening hours, please contact Tandlægevagten (Acute Dental Services in and around Copenhagen). You should bring your social security card and be prepared to pay in cash.

praxis - tandlæge Niels Kramp   Vedbæk Stationsvej 18, 1. th   2950 Vedbæk   Telefon: 45 89 20 03